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Advisory Board

Dr.-Ing.  Erich Biermann

Dr.-Ing. Erich Biermann

SVP Engineering  ASICs and Semiconductors at Robert Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen/Germany

Dr. Biermann was born in Nienburg/Weser in 1958. He graduated in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin in 1982. Starting 1983 as one of the founding members of the Institute for Microelectronics , he took responsibility for building up of part of the infrastructure, research and teaching. He also acted as project manager for international research projects during that time.
Dr. Biermann was awarded a PhD summa cum laude in 1990.

In 1990 Dr. Biermann joined the start-up company SICAN in Hannover as one of the first members.  He helped growing SICAN to some 350 employees over the following 10 years. During that time, Dr. Biermann was responsible for a number of areas mostly related to extending business scope, e.g. ASIC Design Service, IP Licensing, New Product Definition, Software- and System Design. One of the decisions leading the SICAN way was to address the field of Audio/Video/ and Data Communication, which was one of the main assets of SICAN when the company was sold to subsequent buyers.  In 1999, Dr. Biermann was responsible for the business of professional Multimedia communication equipment.

In 2000 Dr. Biermann joined Robert Bosch GmbH as Director of Sensor-/Communication ASIC Design. After being product responsible for Powertrain Sensors at Bosch Diesel Systems from 2005 to 2007, Dr. Biermann took responsibility for his current position in 2008, which is product management and engineering of Bosch ASICs and Semiconductors. This includes Power Semiconductors and Power Modules since 2014.

Harold A. Blomquist

Harold A. Blomquist

Consultant, Park City/USA

Harold A. Blomquist was born in 1952 in Provo, Utah, USA. After completing his studies in electrical engineering at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City in 1978 and studies toward his JURIS DOCTOR and MBA at University of Houston, Texas, in 1980 he began his career in technology companies at Texas Instruments working first in defense and electronic systems and later in semiconductors

Blomquist is a proven “C” level executive, advisor, consultant, and coach with more than 35 years’ experience in US and multinational enterprises.  Blomquist is expert in assessing, cultivating, building, and leading effective teams in today’s rapidly changing commercial high technology environment.  He has demonstrated the ability to drive best-in-class global business results through organic and M&A growth, operational efficiency gains, strategy formulation and implementation, and has architected multiple successful corporate turnarounds.

Blomquist has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to optimize and lead complex global organizations.  He has actively served commercial markets including computing, communications, industrial, medical, military, automotive, and consumer segments in all major world geographies.  His teams have generated revenue growth in excess of 30% per year for more than 25 years.

Blomquist’s Engagements & Directorships include:

  • Advisor to founders and senior leaders of Crocus Technology, Inc.
  • Advisor to and co-founder of Silicon Technologies, Inc.
  • Advisor to the Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Utah and member of Engineering National Advisory Council
  • Teaching professional of entrepreneurial studies in the Honors College at the University of Utah
  • Public company boards: Advanced Photonics, Inc (NASDAQ: API); Microsemi, Inc (NASDAQ: MSCC); Simtek Corp (NASDAQ: SMTK)
  • Advised senior leaders of Fortune 100 Memory Company related to strategic partnership activities

Blomquist is a proponent of lifelong learning whose involvement with ongoing learning and academic experience include teaching and guest lecturing, Entrepreneur in Residence, student mentor to College of Engineering and Honors College students at his alma mater, the University of Utah, and at other universities in the region.

Dr. Hans-Georg Giering

Dr. Hans-Georg Giering

CEO of Magnosco GmbH, Deuben/Germany

Dr. Giering was born in Dresden in 1959. He graduated in Physics from the University in Leipzig where he graduated in 1980. He then continued his research at the University and was awarded a PhD magna cum laude from Leipzig University in 1983.

In 1992 Dr. Giering founded his own company – Ärzteservice Dr. Giering GmbH, Leipzig – where he gained experience in running a small enterprise.

In 1995 he became Managing Director of GLOBANA Communications/Teleport GmbH, Munich, running a major communications pioneer.

Dr. Giering joined the First Sensor AG (formerly: Silicon Sensor International AG), a stock listed company based in Germany, in 1999 as CEO. He managed to grow this company at an impressive rate. Revenue increased from EUR 2.5 million in 1999 to more than EUR 110 million in 2013. First Sensor is admitted for trading on Frankfurt Stock Exchange at the prime standard.

In 2013 he founded his new company Magnosco GmbH aiming at revolutionizing the way skin cancer can be detected by electronic analysis.

Currently Dr. Giering is a Board Member of Vita 34 AG, Leipzig, Commerzbank AG, Regionalbeirat Ost, Berlin and 3D Interaction Technologies GmbH, Dresden

Hans-Peter Metzler

Hans-Peter Metzler

Investor, Lustenau/Austria

Hans-Peter Metzler was born in 1959 in Bregenz, Austria. After completing his studies in mathematics and theoretical physics in Innsbruck, Vienna and Munich in 1983 he joined the research department of Siemens in Munich.

In 1992 he became Managing Director and R&D-manager of Siemens Components Asia Pacific. After his return to Munich in 1996 he was assigned as General Manager of the microcontroller division of Siemens.

In 1997 he founded NewLogic Technologies, which became a leading IP provider for Bluetooth and WLAN technology to major microelectronic companies like Intel, Microsoft and Infineon.

NewLogic has been acquired by the Indian IT-giant Wipro in 2005.

In 2000 Hans-Peter Metzler founded Photeon Technologies, a major provider of semiconductor IP, components and subsystems for use in communications, automotive and industrial applications.

Hans-Peter Metzler is chairman of Aquin & Cie AG, Heliatek GmbH, ecoRobotix AG as well as investor and director of quite a few other companies and foundations.

Hans-Peter Metzler has broad interests in musical theatre and modern art. Since 2012 he is President of the famous Bregenz Festival.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Michler

Prof. Dr. Oliver Michler

Technical University Dresden, Institute for Traffic Telematics, Germany

Professor Michler, born in 1967 in Dresden, studied Electrical Engineering at Technical University, Dresden, where he graduated in 1993. After having received his diploma he continued research work there at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering about sensitivity and robustness analysis of linear systems. In 1997 he started working with Video-Audio-Design GmbH, Dresden, as project manager in the areas of digital broadcasting, sensor systems with data fusion in mobile transport vehicles.

In 1999 he received his PhD from Technical University Dresden with magna cum laude for his work about the “Analysis of uncertainty in linear control systems”.

In 2000 Prof. Michler joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems in Dresden (IVI) to continue his research work about telematics services in transportation applications, integrated acquisition, transmission and processing of traffic information.

In 2005 he was made a professor at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences in signal processing and electronic measurement techniques. Since 2008 he holds the chair for Transport Systems Information Technology which is part of the Institute for Traffic Telematics at the Technical University Dresden.

In 2010 Prof. Michler began building up a joint research group between Technical University Dresden and the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Dresden dedicated to applied research about localization methods, energy efficiency of sensors and data transmission with optimal usage of bandwidth.