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Metirionic @ 23rd Leibniz Conference

Metirionic was co-organizer of the 23rd Leibniz Conference. In the context of the digital revolution, challenges and solutions for connectivity regarding IoT, telematics and industry 4.0 were discussed. Link for more info: https://leibniz-institut.de/konferenzen/23-leibniz-konferenz-2018-lokalisierung-im-internet-der-dinge/.

Dr. D. Eggert, head of engineering at Metirionic, chaired a session in one core area of the conference – in the field of radio sensor based localization.

See here: https://leibniz-institut.de/Konferenzen/Lokalisierung-2018/LK23-Eggert.pdf.

Yan Wu provided a second presentation from Metirionic. Subject was the specific application about "PSFM Radar – Frequency Domain Narrow Band Approach for high SNR”.

More info here: https://leibniz-institut.de/Konferenzen/Lokalisierung-2018/LK23-Wu.pdf.

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